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While Poznań is not the first city on the travellers itinerary, it does have a habit of surprising all who end here. Crowded with churches and cobbles and colourful burgher houses, the old town is a collage of architectural styles and stuffed with delicate looking churches and esoteric museums. A major cultural and economic centre, it’s during this period when the city earns its reputation as a city of trade fairs. Its success as a fair centre stems partly from its location on a road that starts in Paris, ends in Moscow, and hits all the major cities in between. If you’re arriving during a trade fair then we sincerely hope you’ve booked your hotel in advance, else start getting used to sleeping under park benches.

The City of Poznań produces and distributes the Official Poznań Publications.Our brochures provide you with all the practical information you will need as a visitor to Poznań. All our brochures can be downloaded from this site in pdf format. Publications

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